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In this page you can find all the news in chronological order from the latest to the oldest.
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Tuesday 18 January 2005New
- In the last versions of MAME the operation of some options is changed. Because of this Gremaf is not in a position to correctly understanding the state of the games and therefore, during the reading of the state of the games, it could get stuck. To one as soon as possible a new patch will be released in order to correct this error
Friday 17 September 2004New
- Gremaf 0.8 is out
Friday 13 August 2004New
- New release: Gremaf 0.7.1, an intermediate version to fix some bugs.
It has been fixed a bug that caused Gremaf crash while creating the gamelist. This bug was due to new unexpected fields in the output of -listxml in Mame 0.85 or higher.
Now columns are sorted correctly and there is no case-sensitive distinction. The "size of palette" column is stil sorted in a wrong way, but this bug will be fixed in the next release.
Saturday 17 July 2004New
- Gremaf 0.7 is out. Now loading the gamelist is faster than Gremaf 0.6
Sunday 4 July 2004New
- Just a few weeks and Gremaf 0.7 will be finished. Unfortunately I will introduce not so many new features because I have little time. Anyway new useful tools will be implemented, such as the virtual list-view that will speed up the loading of the gamelist significantly.
Tuesday 18 May 2004New
- In this period the development of Gremaf goes on very slowly, but on July 17 the version 0.7 will be releasead full of new tools. Keep in touch...
Saturday 17 January 2004New
- At last, 6 months after the latest release, Gremaf 0.6 is ready with a lot of improvements.
- In March, I will release an intermediate release, if I have time to develope it. It will have a support for Mame extra images (Flyers, Screenshots, Control Panles, Cabinets, ...). Then, in August, Gremaf 1.0 will be born, faster and more powerful. In the area of the website about Gremaf, you can read about the next changes I mean to make and the ones that have already been made in the development version.
Sunday 11 January 2004New
- January, 17 is approaching. On that date, Gremaf 0.6 will be released.
- The forum has been removed and the newsletter has taken its place.
Monday 8 December 2003New
- Per alcuni problemi tecnici il forum non può rimanere attivo. È per questo che verrà chiuso definitivamente. Al suo posto è stata aperta una newsletter che tiene informati sullo sviluppo di Gremaf
Friday 7 November 2003New
- Ecco finalmente una buona notizia: il forum riapre oggi!!! Chiedo a tutti voi di usare questo utile strumento per aiutarmi e per farvi aiutare. Per risolvere i piccoli problemi di Gremaf e per suggerire nuove funzionalità
Sunday 19 October 2003New
- Gremaf is still alive. Even if more than 4 months have passed since the last message was posted on this website, its development is going on. Gremaf 0.6 is almost ready, there are only a few little changes to make. Meanwhile, I'm developing a program for passwords finding. Anyone who is interested in can contact me via e-mail. Moreover, in a few weeks, the forum is coming back, at last.
Thursday 17 July 2003New
- Gremaf 0.5 is out!
Monday 30 June 2003New
- Exams are over. From now on, I will resume the development of Gremaf, with which I got ahead fitfully during the last months. On July 17, Gremaf 0.5 will be released: it will be loaded with innovations. By the end of September, Gremaf 0.6 will be released.
Tuesday 3 June 2003New
- I decided to remove the forum temporarily, beacuse my website seemed left to its own devices. I have no time to program or to see to the website. Since the half of July, at the same time as the release of Gremaf 0.5, everthing will get back to normal and will work better.
Friday 17 January 2003New
- Finally, six months after the last release, Gremaf 0.4 is ready. New columns, new filters, a better Waiting window and the possibility to read the catver.ini file. Gremaf 0.5, full of changes, will be realeased not earlier than July 2003: so wait for other six months!
Thursday 12 December 2002New
- I haven't been programming since 8th September because I have very little free time. Gremaf 0.4 will be released within the end of the year. There will be new filters, a better Waiting window, a better toolbar and the gamelist window will be improved.
Sunday 10 November 2002New
- The forum has been installed for the second time; I hope this is the last time I do it.
Sunday 20 October 2002New
- A news is published on this site after two months of silence
- To take advantage of the services of this site (Newsletter and Forum), registration in the forum is required.
- School has started so I have very little free time and the developement of Gremaf is suspended till Christmas holidays.
Sunday 11 August 2002New
- The new website written in PHP is on-line at last. The graphic appearance has been improved and a Forum has been added.
- The guestbook has been removed.
Wednesday 17 July 2002New
- Gremaf 0.3 is now available. The next release is expected in October.
Tuesday 16 July 2002New
- The release of Gremaf is planned for tomorrow. I hope there won't be other hitches
- The PHP website is ready but will be published on 6th August
Sunday 14 July 2002New
- Gremaf 0.3 will be released within Saturday. This release has been delayed because of some bugs
- In these days the PHP website will be finished. There will be a Forum, a Guestbook and a Newsletter
Sunday 30 June 2002New
- Gremaf will be released the next week.
Sunday 23 June 2002New
- Just a few weeks and I will release Gremaf 0.3. I have only to correct a bug that sometimes corrupts the file mamepp.ini
Wednesday 12 June 2002New
- School has finished at last. Now I have time to develop Gremaf. I haven't been programming for two months. I hope I will release Gremaf 0.3 within July
Thursday 18 April 2002New
- Because of licence problems, I cannot distribute Gremaf 0.1 any longer, so it has been removed from the website. Gremaf 0.2 has been released instead of it
Saturday 16 March 2002New
- The guestbook has been changed. A good guestbook at last :)
Thursday 28 February 2002New
- The first version of Gremaf has been released
Saturday 26 January 2002New
- Guestbook and Contact Me sections added
Saturday 19 January 2002New
- A beta version of Gremaf will be available only towards the end of February because of technical problems
Sunday 23 December 2001New
- Because of technical problems, the developement of Gremaf had been suspended till today. This is the reason why no news had been published on this website. Maybe a working beta version of Gremaf will be available towards the end of January
Saturday 15 September 2001New
- GreenSnake project quitted
- I have started the developement of a graphic frontend for MAME : Gremaf
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