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This is my website, Greenant, spare time programmer. On this website I released my two main programmes, Gremaf and GreenSnake.

Gremaf is a frontend for MAME, working with every Windows 9x, Me, NT, 2000, Xp version. It is distributed in Italian, English, Spanish and it will support also other languages in the future. Its strong point is the small size of the file: only 80 Kb!!!.

Greensnake is a DOS version of the popular Snake game.

All the programmes you can find on this website are wholly written in Assembler for Intel 80x86 processors. Besides the source code is available for free. In fact these softwares are realased under GNU GPL licence, that is to say that their source codes can be downloaded, modified e distributed freely. Please read the licence in the archive carefully or browse the GNU website. Also you can use and distribute the programmes on this website for free.

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Tuesday 18 January 2005New
- In the last versions of MAME the operation of some options is changed. Because of this Gremaf is not in a position to correctly understanding the state of the games and therefore, during the reading of the state of the games, it could get stuck. To one as soon as possible a new patch will be released in order to correct this error
Friday 17 September 2004New
- Gremaf 0.8 is out
Friday 13 August 2004New
- New release: Gremaf 0.7.1, an intermediate version to fix some bugs.
It has been fixed a bug that caused Gremaf crash while creating the gamelist. This bug was due to new unexpected fields in the output of -listxml in Mame 0.85 or higher.
Now columns are sorted correctly and there is no case-sensitive distinction. The "size of palette" column is stil sorted in a wrong way, but this bug will be fixed in the next release.
Saturday 17 July 2004New
- Gremaf 0.7 is out. Now loading the gamelist is faster than Gremaf 0.6
Sunday 4 July 2004New
- Just a few weeks and Gremaf 0.7 will be finished. Unfortunately I will introduce not so many new features because I have little time. Anyway new useful tools will be implemented, such as the virtual list-view that will speed up the loading of the gamelist significantly.
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